Istria, terra magica – the magic land

This is how Istrians affectionately call this beautiful peninsula in the westernmost part of Croatia. The Istrian peninsula spreads across three countries – Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Its unique position and mixed influences from different peoples have created its special and unique language, culture, music, and folklore.
The hills and high grounds of central Istria with its fortresses offer a view at the magnificent Istrian landscape, its valleys crossed with roads and streams, undulating wine-growing hills and olive groves, ploughlands and pastures, reaching all the way to the Adriatic Sea.
The beauty of Istria, with its historical, territorial, ethnic, artistic, gastronomic and oenological complexity is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many an artist, travel writer and tourist.
Istra has it all – pristine nature infused with an abundance of fragrances (laurel, rosemary, lavender…), colours, and emotions, top-notch gastronomy which fuses continental and Mediterranean cuisine (game, mushrooms, seafood, truffles), including trademark Istrian prosciutto and cheese, indigenous varieties of Malvasia and Terran, high-quality olive oil, magnificent beaches, forests and numerous islets.
Istrian harmonic architecture will thrill you, as will its urban structures in picturesque squares and beautiful architectural designs. It is especially famous for artistically trimmed stone remains of reliefs, old Venetian coats of arms, capitals, pilasters, galleries, palaces and churches. Those cities have preserved their own cultural identity and on those foundations they built their European modern appearance, on which Istria is now building its future.

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